Business Map For Treasure Island

I was watching a new version of treasure island on TV today, and it gave me so much entertainment, it started me thinking about how a treasure map that could motivate people in life and business.

Imagine if you had a map of a tropical island, which has the added benefit of hidden buried treasure!

And you are the only person who knows about it, what would you do?

Would you ignore it?

Would you investigate further?

Would you take action?

Lets suppose you investigated and decide to take action and to try and find this island. What goals would you set yourself?

For me, I would set myself an altermate goal, which would be on retrieving the treasure that is buried on the island. Then I would back track to where I am today and what mini goals I need to set along the way to be able to find this hidden buried treasure.

So lets think about what would be needed to enable you to set sail and go off around the world to find this island, and then what you require to dig up the buried treasure?

Potential list of requirements :-

Food, drinks / fluid, clothes, toiletries, equipment, ship, crew, money, maps, navigation tools, radio equipment, first aid, etc. etc. etc.  Plus how will you make sure you don’t lose your treasure, once discovered and others now know about your new found potential wealth.

Now I want you to think about the above scenario and relate it to your own business or life style and what would you need to do,  to achieve your desired results and find the treasure (which could be anything in life or business that you want to achieve this year or in the future)!

Because like the story and film about Treasure Island, there are lots of good intentions, but then there are also lots of possible problems or issues that could get in your way.

You need to think long and hard about what you want to achieve, write down the options that might be available to you, and continue to do so until you have exhausted the process. Then you need to review each and every option in turn, and look at the positives and negatives for each option. You will need to be very open and honest with yourself to enable this process to be effective. Once you have completed this process you will have discovered the best option available to you to be able you to achieve your outcome goal of finding the buried treasure.

So the morel of the story is that you need to think outside of the box, i.e. stand back, if needed get support from others that would add value for you in being able to reach your ultimate goal.

Then focus on what it is you want to achieve and why you want to achieve this particular objective, look for potential issues / problems that might get in your way, then workout how you can overcome them or get round them so you can continue on your journey to the ultimate objective and for you to achieve your goal.

I hope this is of use to you , as this formula has helped me to achieve so much in my own life.

If you need to discuss or want help along your journey in life, contact me direct and let me help you to focus on your own journey to success.

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