Eye Patterns (NLP)

NLP helps to enhance performance via modelling excellence.

Whether we talk about life or business, everyone uses eye patterns to recall or create memories and they are linked to the way we inturpret what is going on in our lives. We record and store memories using all of our senses, i.e. Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory – In simple terms : -

(Sight, Sound, Feelings, Smell & Taste).

So it is very useful to know and understand what is going on in their minds, when we communicate with them. Also we can identify if they have actual knowledge and experience or have just imagined what it might be like without any actual or real experience!

Having this knowledge and understanding of someone else’s actual knowledge and experience, can help you, when relaying important information. You will know if you have to give further guidance or additional information to help those who have none or very little knowledge or experience, or whether you give a different set of instructions because the person has a greater understanding based on own experience as to what is required.

I found a very useful youtube video clip that demonstrates in very simple and easy terms what  eye patterns actually are and do!

Eye Patterns (NLP)

I hope you enjoyed this clip, there is so much you can gain from NLP and how you can use it to your advantage in life, in work and in your business!



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