“G R O W”

The GROW Coaching Model

The G is for – Goal Setting, which has  6 stages :-

1) Previous actions

2) Agree goal or goals required

3) Evidence Procedure- what does it Look Like, Sound Like or Feel Like. (Imagine what its like)

4) Maintaining positive bye products (keep doing what you are already do well)

5) Checking the ecology (is the goal worthwhile) i.e. worth the effort etc to achieve?

6) Checking / understanding (commitment to goal)

The R is Reality Check :-

1) Current situation

2) Is the goal stretching (developing) enough ?

2) Is the gap between actual performance / desired performance challenging enough?

3) Check whether person has been coached this way before ?

O is for Options :-

1) Explore different options available ?

2) What are the Pros & Cons of each option?

3) Facilitate choice (Do not direct)

4) Check commitment (using encouragement via internal / external fliter)

5) Run options session (using options / procedures fliter)

W is for What next :-

1) Recap / whats been achieved

2) Agree action points (SMART)

3) Agree next session & goal

Thank coachee for effort & showing your belief in their ability to succeed

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