How can Professional Life Coaching help You?

I am often asked the above question, “How can Coaching help You”

Well, Coaching allows you to set realistic goals / objectives that you want to really achieve in life.

How much time, effort or money would you be prepared to commit to, to change your life for the better?

Before you answer the last question, you need to understand the benefits you will get by achieving a goal / objective.

The easy way to imagine / visualise the benefits you will gain, lets draw a circle and call it the Wheel of Life and divide the circle into eight segments / areas or as many segments / areas as you want.

Next name each and every segment of the Wheel of Life with an aspect of your life, i.e:-

1) Health, 2) Wealth, 3)Work, 4) Social Life, 5) Interests / Hobbies, 6) Personal Development, 7) Friends, 8) Family Life.

Now I want you to rate each segment / area of your life with a number between one and ten, one being the lowest score (Least Happiest) and ten being the highest score (Happiest).

Once you have done this exercise, you will now have a visual chart that clearly shows how you rate various areas of your life.

If you score eight or above, it shows you that you are pretty happy with those areas of your life.

Next you need to look at the scores under eight and put them in order of priority, i.e which areas you need to change first that will make the biggest impact on changing your life for the better?

So lets give you an example, lets say I am overweight, what would be the benefits of reducing my weight?

Answer – Feel good /healthier, Eat healthier food, Healthier life style (more active, walking, sports etc,), Save money (on food, clothes etc.) etc.etc.etc.

Now by doing the above, what impact would being healthier have on the rest of your segments / areas of your life.?

When you are selecting which segment / area of your life to work on first, take a moment to reflect on which area would have the best impact that will benefit you and your life most.?

Once you have completed a segment / area of your life and are benefiting from it. You can then move on to the next segment / area which needs improving and so on until you have achieve the scores on all of your segments / areas of your life.

It is not rocket science, but by having a Life Coach who will work with you helping you to set realistic goals / objectives along the way. Plus they will be able to assist you overcome any barriers / obstacles which may get in your way.

Remember without a Life Coach, you may achieve certain improvements on your own, but how many times have you tried and not been successful to date?

With a Professional Life Coach, you will be able to achieve success in every segment or area of your life.

So how valuable is it to be able to completely change your life for the better and all you need is a Professional Life Coach.

I hope this article goes a long way to demonstrate, “How can Professional Life Coaching help You”?




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