Life & Business Coaching & Why Choose Me?

Those of you who have been following my blogs will have an understanding of the sort of skills and knowledge I have provided in my articles. I love writing them and I intend to write a book @ some time in the near future.

I would like to spend some time dispelling the myths or phobias that surround Life & Business Coaching. There are a lot of people who still are not sure what does coaching do and give in return for the investment that you are required to make?

And you are right to be unsure, what are I getting for my money?

You need to know is coaching the right choice or intervention?

Should you have to pay to find that out?  In my opinion no, so my first session is a get to know you scenario (free).

Why do you think you need life or business coaching?

What do you think from your understanding will life or business coaching give you in return?

How do you go about choosing a life or business coach?

Well I could go on and on, re the questions you might need to ask yourself before coming to a decision.

What does life or business coaching give you?

To have the opportunity to explore other options, and find alternative ways, to deal with existing or potential future issues.

You might think well I can handle the issues as and when they arise?

But can you? Do you? In so many case’s, that is the problem you don’t.!

So the issues etc build up and suddenly without warning become a huge mountain that you have to climb, but don’t have the energy to do!

So what is the norm has changed and you avoid the issues for another day, and press on with other things that you need to focus on, but you can’t, why?

Because in the back of your mind the other issues are still there, still unresolved and they are eating away in the back of your mind. You then take these thoughts and issues home with you, you can’t rest, and you get irritable with those around you. Then because your partner or family, are unaware of what you are going through.

What happens, you explode and you lose your temper and your loved ones get the full brunt of your anger and are confused, what is wrong with Daddy? How does Mum deal with your issues and still have to deal with bringing up the family as well?

Sound familiar, I know I have been there done that, even got the Tee Shirt! And to some extent missed out on the little things of reading bed time stories etc to my own children! You can be sure I have made every effort there is, to make up for my mistakes!

But if only, when I needed someone to talk to, there had been a life & business coach available, I could have changed things for the better. The only options around for support at the time, were councilors or therapists?

To avoid losing my marriage, family life and career, would I have paid out money for a life & business coach? To right I would!

How do you measure or put value to the most important things in life?

For example:- Brand values how many people buy a particular brand because they think they are getting value for their money and as well as guaranteed quality. No matter what it costs if it is a particular brand it has to be good?

No thought goes into how long are they going to use this product, so the question has to be if it is for a season, why pay a fortune for the item?

If you our looking for quality and longevity i.e. hi fi, pc, electrical items etc then items that have a reputation for longevity you would be silly not to buy a brand name. In would not make sense to buy cheep if it is not going to last very long!

The reason I mention the above is because the perception is that a solicitor, accountant, financial advisor and a life and business coach, etc are expensive, so we all try to avoid their services? Thinking it is cheaper in the long run, well is it? How many times have we ended in the situation that if only! in hind sight, I should have done or used their experience and know how, plus It would have cheaper in the long run!

You get what you pay for in life, pay cheep you get a level of service that is related to the amount you have paid, what most people forget is if you are paying for quality, experience, knowledge, qualifications etc. etc. If you have spent time and money getting yourself to a place you can proudly announce you are a master of. What you charge has to measured against what you get for your money, whether it is a product or a service.

It comes back to how do you value yourself, your family, your work life, what price are you prepared to pay to get it right? Or are you prepared to go it alone and see what happens!

Well I am good at what I do, and I will not hide from that fact, you get what you pay for I am quality and my brand of life & business coaching is the best value for the money you will pay for. So if you feel coaching is an area you have yet not tried and want to see if it will work for you? What have you got to lose, I am only an email away, or a phone call and the first session is free. What is the catch, there is no catch, only joy when you start to achieve what you want in life! Remember you only have one life, so make the most of it

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