Make Use of Your Believe’s

Sorry for the long absence, simple reason is that life got in the way of creative writing.

But I am back and I will be writing as usual from the heart, plus from the knowledge I have either gained or experienced along the way.

Well I sat there thinking tonight, what should I write about, well one of my own believe’s is that the no 13 is my lucky number. What do I attribute this to, simply from childhood to date, it has always been a very fortunite number and has on a regular basis rewarded me in lots of different situatations.

So you can imagine, as we entered the year 2013, my thoughts naturally changed and were raised to a very high positive position. So much so I begain telling everyone in my circle of friends and business colleagues, what a good year this is going to be.

Which I was often challenged to explain how I knew it was going to be good for me? And on what basis was I qualifying this statement.  I simply stated that it is my own belief, based on my own life experiences since my childhood, that for me it is a number that has always come up as a positive experience.where others had stated the number 13 was an unlucky number.

Well let me confirm what has happened to me so far this year :-

Bearing in mind it is only March (3 Months).

Family :-

Firstly my two son’s confirmed they were expecting a child, followed by my nice confirming she was expecting her first child and then my nephew was also expecting his first child. Plus I have a family wedding in April, both my sons & partners have been able to build their own skills sets to enhance their development, which has enabled them to all to secure new positions and enhance their life styles.

Work :-

I am developing my business  to the next level by collaborating with other businesses and I have also signed up to continue my learning and development on a regular basis to add additional skills,qualifications etc. to enhance the support and services I can offer my clients.

I also tested a new style of business club on the open market from July to Dec last year, now that the test has proved to be so positive, I have decided to launch the business club on a full time basis.

The club name for those interested in finding out more and even joining it are :- Pure Collaboration Business Club,  Web Site Link is, or email & Twitter A/C is

Personal :-

I have put plans together to relocate my home to one that is designed for my life ahead.

So you can see what I mean, by I already had very positive believes since my childhood, which have allowed me to remain positive and I intend to put these positive vibes into good use.

To sum up, if you have a believe that you really do have valuable evidence to back them up, then your memories are to be followed and let them lead you to a positive end.

My thoughts are based on my expereiences throughout my life to date, but you can see why I am feel so positive and you know what happens when you feel positive you achieve results against sometimes all the odds.  So I have nine more months to go in 2013.

Wow I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store…. :-)))



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