What Makes a Good Business Leader?

To be a good leader there are several things you need to be aware of, so you can be that one step ahead.

First you need to see things as they are and not worse then it is.

*Anticipation is the alternate power, great leaders use this power to their advantage, because they look for and see things better than it is.

And then they make it the way they see it. Because 80% of what we do is psychology and 20% is down to the mechanics. So being in the right frame of mind and raising the game to enable you to think above those around you, which enables you to see, hear and feel what is going around you before others do!

Another area good leaders have is hunger which leads to motivation and success. Do not let your limiting beliefs get in your way and hold you back, successful people get results due to being resourceful, rather than a lack of resource!

And what are resources, I hear you say? Well in simple terms, resources are a combination of energy, commitment, being flexible, have compassion, vision and determination.

So the X factor for leaders is to have mastery of human emotions, which provides you with a quality of life, also the quality of your decisions can impact on the quality of life as well.

Decisions control your destiny!

There are three key decisions you have to consider,

1) What are you going to focus on?

2) Power to achieve, What does that mean?

3) What are you going to do?

So stay away from negative people or situations because they will effect the way you feel and make you have a story that impacts in a negative way on your state. If do get stuck with negative person or situation, always look for the positive way out, because with every negative there is always a positive , you just have to find it!

Two things control your decisions,

1) State – how you are from moment to moment.

2) Blueprint your Story, how your daily story or picture of the world and how it effects your emotions.

You need to change what or how you are currently thinking to change your actual state, which alters things for the long term.

*Something to consider is emotion creates emotion!

Your state effects your actions which impacts on your behaviour and end results. Psychology behind this is you get what you focus on!



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