Why Do People Bully?

The world is going crazy, just take a look at the news. On a daily basis there is death and destruction going on in so many countries around the world and why I ask myself.

Well there are many reasons one could put on the table to discuss, but in simple terms man has lost the art to communicate effectively without the need for violence. You would think that during the million years man has been on this planet, man would have worked out that communication is a far better way to get on with our fellow man. After all we have gone from grunting to a very well developed dialog which has even been adapted into hundreds of different languages around the world.

Plus look at what man has invented or developed which enables everyone to have an easier live, just take a look at technology etc.etc.

We lose out big style when we are unable to control our emotions, because depending on the emotion we can really do harm to others. You have heard the saying “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

Well I have got news for you, words do hurt just ask anyone on the receiving end, they may not cause physical injury but they can cause long lasting psychological effects and pain.

It is important to look at what causes someone to want to bully or correction makes them bully rather want to?

I currently write articles under the name of “Coaching Four Success” as a freelance trainer helping to deliver workshops and training programs about bullying and how to proactively put a stop to bullying by looking at what is the sauce behind someone becoming a bully.

Because in reality “Happy People Don’t Bully” that is not to say all unhappy people always bully, because they don’t. The reasons why someone turns to being a bully are many fold, I could write a book on them i.e. Neglect, Lack of Role Model, Physical Violence, Jealousy,Divorce, Extravert, Introvert,loss of parent, Being Different, lack of Confidence, Shy, Learning Difficulties, Disabled, etc.etc.

Plus you can see bullying going on in Schools,Colleagues, Universities, Work, in fact whilst I am writing this blog there is a film on the TV called Shattered Silence which is about sexting. Another area of bullying which has arisen from the use of Mobile Phones & PC’s, which is also carried out via online (Internet).

Now think about this for a moment, take bullying out of playground and into the work place, well then you are looking at how it can ruin someone’s career etc.

So now lets take bullying in the world of politics and certain world leaders, now you can see on a daily basis how bullying plus having a position of power at your fingertips can and often does lead to mass destruction or wars.

We all have a responsibility to put a stop to bullying, remember there is a reason which lies behind someone becoming a bully, so lets Empower Targets / Victims of Bullying to be able to seek help, rather than fearing by speaking out they will get further bullying. Plus there is another positive from identifying who the bullies really are and that is to help them to deal with the underlying issue / cause.

Find out more about how to stop all types of bullying including cyber, online (internet), talk to me direct msbiginelli@gmail.com. 



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