April 28, 2013 by purecollaboration

I have been thinking long and hard about the future of Pure Collaboration, having trial’ed various events for five events from July to Nov in 2012, to see whether it was a venture that firstly had merit and secondly that there was a need for within the Business Sector?

Well the events were a success and due to the positive feedback recieved from members and visitors, on how they found the events interesting on several levels. Firstly it was a business club with a difference, they enjoyed the sponsor spots, plus the informative educational spots that provided valuable information which helped businesses to think about how they can look to build relationships with and for the disabled market.

So I have taken time out since Dec 2012 to reflect on the options available for me to launch a fully operational business club for abled and disabled to meet, share ideas and exchange ways that will benefit their own businesses and the local community as well.

The club will be for the benefit of Businesses, Universities, Colleges, Charites, Local Authorities and for the Local Community to take part.

One key factor I am looking for, is for local businesses to take an active part, become fully involved in the promoting, day to day running etc and in return for their effort , they will get recognition for being a business that is active within the local community and has demonstrated by your commitment.

I am not looking for free cash injections (but I wouldn’t be rejected any), more importantly it is about gaining additional expertise from established businesses who have the knowhow plus the contacts to help fellow businesses to grow and develop. In return they will have the knowledge of become part of something that is special & currently there is nothing like it out there in the market place.

The Clue is in the name “Pure Collaboration” by giviing and supporting others you will get a return on your investment (witch is based on effort) without any real financial cost to you or your business.

So if you want to be part of a new venture that is being put together to provide, development, education, sales skills, marketing knowhow, confidence building etc.etc.etc.

Plus you will gain from the expertise from every club member as well their support in build your business via support, knowledge & contacts.

Finally I am keen for all Colleges, Universities, Local Authoriites, Charities, Existing Businesses, New Businesses, New Start Up Businesses and supporting everyone within the community that wants to change their existing life and support others to do the same.

If you can see my vision, like the sound of what I am saying and feel you want to be part of this journey, then contact me at msbiginelli@gmail.com or martin.biginelli@yahoo.com. or contact me direct via 07710163790.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, but I hope more importantly that it prompts you to respond in a positive way and get on board with this venture.

Many Thanks & Best Wishes


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