Coaching what does it actually do!

Well where do I begin, many people do not understand what coaching is about, unless they relate it to sports and then they get it and value it!  So to me it is very strange that people cannot see the benefits coaching has in other areas of your life, people I meet and talk to want me to explain the benefits, yet again if I relate to sports they get it!

When you grow up, you under go a grooming process to prepare you for life, with how to interact and how to communicate with fellow colleagues etc. So you get conditioned as to how to respond to certain situations etc. That also embeds certain behaviours and attitudes which can help or they can hinder your way in life, without you actually knowing that these values and beliefs control your normal thought process and actions that arise from them!

So let regress a moment, when you are a child you are constantly asked what do you want to do when you grow up? What a stupid question in itself, you do not have the knowledge or experience to identify what you want. Yet you are asked to decide at a relatively early age without knowledge or experience to decide on your career path! So it is no surprise that many then struggle to know what to do and what education studies you need to undertake along the way to achieve the desired results.

Then you leave school and take up the challenge to work and stab at a career path, which you still may not be fully aware of what you want, you are told you are lucky to have a job in the current climate! Well I have news for you the damage done by continuing to undertake a job or role you dislike or hate will have a knock on effect in your life and health. Remember you only live once and you must stop take stock and decide what you want in life? Then to take the actions required to achieve those results. Please do not get me wrong it is not always easy to achieve when you have certain commitments, but if it is really making you unhappy, the likely hood is that you will lose all that you value in life, family, friends and the style of life you have become used to!

But if you do not change or strive to achieve what you want in life, then you will always deprive yourself of what could have been, and can you live with that in your retirement years, saying if only I have done this or that!

Well I have news for you coaching is the most undervalued resource available to you or anyone! Because it allows you to discover who you are and what you want in life? Then it helps you to be able to know how to achieve your desires, goals or projects!

Coaching can provide you with a way to achieve success in various areas of your life, whether it is in life in general or your business or your  career or even in your relationships. The results are priceless and enable you to achieve real results in your life and your plans for success for a very minimal cost!

Coaches are trained and have the ability to understand you as a person, to know how you tick as a person also they are excellent listeners and can respond to what is actually happening in your life and how to change things for the better.

What people miss, is that they think they can and will deal with whatever life has to through at them,  yet in reality they do not, then this has a knock on effect which will take its toll some time in the future!

Coaching actually changes lives, businesses and relationships, it is a fact that if you take the time to check you will find is true, look to someone who has actually experienced a coach, then you will find the truth!

Its funny when I talk to people they are unsure at first, then suddenly in a relaxed situation with no actual risk or threat to them, they open up and discover hay maybe there is something in this coaching etc! Then they want to explore further and are willing to pay for the service which they actually say is not like paying for a service it is a must to enable them to process in life!  A cheep and valuable resource available to everyone and should not be missed!


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