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My Previous Experience

My experience prior to my career in life coaching has seen me have roles at all levels and in many different business sectors and this enables me to relate to many different people, their backgrounds and their personalities. I have worked as a front line staff member, as well as in both sales and supervisory capacities.

I also have a wealth of experience in management and teaching roles and as an examiner, demonstrating my strength in having an eye for detail. Latterly I have had roles as a local sales coach, area sales/performance coach and national sales coach as well as a business partner.

The knowledge and experience gained during my career to date. When I left school I started a messenger for the Royal Mail at the age of 15, based in Central London. At the age of eighteen, I progressed up and into the role of Postman also for the Royal Mail. I enjoyed meeting people and getting to know my local community at the same time.

I decided to get a trade and left to undertake a position of trainee butcher, for Wallis Supermarkets, once I became qualified I move on into Mac Markets as a butcher and became after a short period of time a manager for the butchery department. This role helps me to develop my skills with how to display and attract customers to buy existing and new cuts of meat. I had to learn stock control and to order the correct amount of stock, especially because they are perishable goods, so it was very important to get it right to avoid making potentially large losses.

Unfortunately I develop a blood disorder, which meant I have had to give up long term work within the butchery trade.  I decided to use my natural abilities of being a very keen sports person and became a life guard at my local swimming pool and after a short period of time I was offered the opportunity to become a swimming teacher, coach and examiner for all age groups and also support and taught various types of disabled people. I really enjoyed this role this was the beginning of knowing that I wanted to work within the training, development and coaching market.

At this stage of my career, I got married and moved from London to Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. Which meant a change in direction due to limited sports centres etc within the area, so undertook a job laboring at the British Steel Works, again I was interested to learn another skill, so started training as an over head crane driver, which was a very challenging and skillful job. Because you were responsible for moving tons of sinter from stock yard onto trainings who delivered the sinter to the furriness.

After three years, I decided to move from Gainsborough to Cardiff, which is where my parents came from originally. I rejoined the Royal Mail as Postman Higher grade, and learnt how to touch type and spent a number of years typing postcodes onto letters. I spent ten years with the post office.

I then became restless and wanted to find work that would satisfy my thirst for work that was challenging and stimulating at the same time.

I entered a very mixed and crazy period of my career, working within financial services as a sales person either face to face then via the telephone as an inbound advisor then outbound advisor and finally as a field sales agent, for Legal & General, Colonial Mutual, Standard Life, Lloyds TSB, had a period of as a salesman and then store manager for Tandy’s (Intertan UK). Before putting all these skills together and was successful in becoming a sales advisor in all three areas i.e. inbound, outbound & field sales. After a few years I was asked if I would like to apply for a position of sales trainer and coach. I applied and was successful, British Gas provided and also paid for external training around train the trainer, coaching and feedback.

I was then successful in becoming a local sales coach for Cardiff providing training and coaching to all call centre managers and team managers. I had to design training material and programs around how to build upon your customer / client base, also developed a sales process that was effective yet reasonably simple to use. This was followed by in the work place observations and feedback on overall performance.

The results lead to British Gas deciding on taking this from local based project to a national scheme and I was promoted to become one of the national team, which lead to rolling out the Cardiff project to all call centre’s throughout the UK. I found a position that I absolutely loved and I was also able to travel and work with so many different types of people and this enable me to develop my interpersonal skills to a higher level. I spent the next couple of years traveling around the UK, until I was approached by Barclay Bank to become an area performance coach and trainer, covering SE Wales, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

The role with Barclays Bank, was really challenging role and I worked with all levels of staff from cashiers, personal bankers, assistant branch managers, branch managers and area directors on how to change behaviors / attitudes, increase sales, improve overall performance via training, coaching and feedback.

And then after nearly four years, due to the financial climate of 2008 and the impact that had on the business world. Meant that training and coaching is deemed to be a luxury, so when cut backs are to be made, businesses decide to reduce in areas which they think are not going to effect day to day business.

I lost my position as area performance coach, but was offered an alternative position as a branch manager, which I agreed to take rather then be unemployed. I continued in this role for approximately nine months. I did not enjoy this role and found that there were to many limitations, which went against my beliefs. So I decided to leave and start my own training and coaching business, which I started in March 2010 and has taken time to get up and running and I am happy I made this decision as it is a job I love, but find it frustrating times having to stop training or coaching to do marketing and networking to find new business etc. but hay that is what business is about, it is made up of marketing, sales and customer service / focus.

The reason being a coach and trainer is so rewarding, is because I am able to support and help people and businesses to handle day to day life and overcome obstacles / barriers that may get in there way alone life’s path.

You need to work out your journey’s end before beginning your journey in life, this will help you to avoid certain pitfalls along the way, also by knowing what to focus on, you know what it is you aiming to achieve, this helps when it comes to the end results and whether you are going to be successful?

Success comes in many forms and is not just about money and how much of it you currently have, don’t get me wrong money is important but money should not be your only motivator, otherwise you will have  gaps in other areas of your life that money can’t fill.

My work and life experience journey has taken 40 years so far, I have hopefully many more years to go, which I hope to continue developing my skills even further. I am currently giving talks, seminars and presentations to people based on my own work and life experiences, which is something I love doing, because by sharing knowledge aids increased awareness.

I will continue to write articles and I am also planning to write a book and a series of CD’s & DVD’s about Coaching,Training and Mentoring people and the benefits of doing so!

The next stage of my work and life experience, will be to help schools, collages and universities with preparing them for the big wide world of business and how to enhance there chances by being focused and fully prepared to enable them to hit the ground running!

Just over eighteen months ago I bought a convert camper van, to enable me to travel and explore our beautiful countryside and coastal areas and to take my trusted camera to capture images to enhance my memories.  The feeling of knowing I have another set of wheels available, which will allow me to travel and sleep in, is wonderful. I also love cooking, so I aim to be like the hairy bikers on TV and travel in my camper van and buying local ingredients on my travels and cooking them whilst I am out and about.


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