Starting A Business by Coaching Four Success!

Where do I start? I was a very good life, business, executive, relationship and career coach,  although I say so myself, the feedback and recognition was very positive.  When the world was hit by incompetent control of the worlds finances, which lead to a world recession, well that also lead to my demise in the employment world as my skills were deemed as a luxury skills that could be removed.!

Well I had been a professional coach on a local &  national basis within the British Gas Corporation i.e. Centrica, then I was head hunted to work for Barclays Bank Retail as a Sales performance coach & the after reorganisation as a Regional Performance Coach across two Areas SE Wales & Hereford plus Worcestershire & Gloucestershire. Then only to be offered redundancy  without the redundancy package, i.e. offered another role / position, to avoid paying out any redundancy!  Well I took another role as an assistant manager of  city centre branch, better than being on the dole! But not based around my skills and knowledge. I stuck it for nine months and the called it a day and left to start my own business.

Well I have the qualifications & I have obtained over the years the position to put me in a good position and I decided to start my own business, and put the skills, knowledge and my positive attitude to good use and start my own coaching practice. Alongside my expertise within the training world, I have also diversified into the diagnostic world of business & how to implement change to increase business and profits within an actual business, which may have stagnated in time & needed an injection of positive energy to move them forward & upward towards success.

Starting a business can be a scary thing to do at first impressions, and you need to seek as much advice, guidance and support to get you from the idea stage to actual launch day! But trust me if you have a good idea, and you put the right amount of work and effort into what is required to convert the idea into a reality. You will enjoy the experience and gain valuable knowledge at the same time.

Areas to consider :-  Research, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Type of company i.e. Sole Trader or Ltd Co.?  Business Plan, Business Name,

Product or Service or Both,  Premises, Equipment Required,  Web Site,  Promotional Material etc. etc.

Having your own business can be so rewarding, but you do have to do your homework to avoid having any business problems later. The better prepared you are and the more time you send in marketing your business in readiness prior to selling yourself, the easier it becomes. Because you want your audience out there to be interested in what you do or have and whether they have a need for what you are marketing. To many people try to sell a product or service before they have actually marketed it first. Once your audience show’s any interest and starts to become inquisitive and starts to ask questions then you switch into sales mode!

Your target market is potentially everybody out there that has a cash surplus every week or month?  Its who markets and gains the interest of that person the best that is likely to be the winner and get part of this surplus cash? So always think bigger picture market wise rather that just what you thought was your target market.

Also advertise wisely, why spend your budget on flyers and then distribute them through every letter box in your area or on every car in your local supermarket.

For example if you had a mobile car valeting service the above would be a total waste of time and the return would be very low for your investment. So rather that random cars in a car park or through letter box’s, why not go into a supermarket with one flyer and speak to the management and offer a set day and perhaps a discount to do all the staff’s car’s. How many staff have car’s that work there, baring in mind the large super markets are open 24 -7?  So you have a captive audience x how many work there, from one flyer. Rather than post  hundreds of flyers with a 0.62% return from every 100 delivered!!

Think of all free options, via email, web site, blogs, social media channels, free directories etc. Look to attend regular networking events to enable you to get noticed and for other businesses to find out about you, your company and your products or services.

The more you use the above the better and faster you will grow your business.

Always remember starting a new business should be exciting and enjoyable, if not, you are either doing something wrong or have not researched and marketing yourself properly.  So if you are not happy why are you doing it?

Being your own boss is fabulous, you are actually in control and can change things as and when you want to, you also need to be able to control the work life balance otherwise you will burn yourself out. Making the decisions about you, the business and where you want it to be in the future, is so rewarding.

Yes there are risks attached to being self employed, if you get it wrong you will have cash flow problems and possibly go out of business because of it. You don’t get any sick pay, holiday pay or pension unless you make provisions for them yourself.

But the up side is that if you have a successful business you with make money and you will have a nice life style because of increased income, which is not tied to company pay freezes in the public sector. So on that note, if you have a good business idea, then go for it, and as …………………………………………..

My brother always used to say to me when I was a young boy, Hay Marty boy, Nothing ventured nothing gained, so never look back and wished “if only”


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