Bringing Up a Child, is like Running a Business?

Hi, Since I last wrote an article, I have become a grandpa of a beautiful little baby girl, and she arrived into this world at 7.30am on Wednesday 13th July 2011. And she is absolutely gorgeous.

The reason I am telling you this is that it helps to put life into prospective and what is truly important.!

It allows me to reflect on my own children and how I brought them up. Reflection is such a powerful thing to do to help you learn what you did well and the areas you needed to develop for the future.

Every parent tries to do there best, but often the way in which we were brought up often effects what we do with our own children, there are certain things we say about how we are going to be different compared to our parents in certain areas and how I am going to use my own life experiences to make a real difference to our own child’s life!

And we do mean it, when we start out, but what gets in the way, along the way?

Firstly after the initial joy and excitement, we are faced with life and all it has to offer us along our own life’s journey. There is so much we are not prepared for or in fact plan for, which puts pressures upon us and can lead to family turmoil and upset. When we encounter problems, how many of us actually see a positive way forward or due to negative thoughts end up in self perpetual circle of negativity and additional problems!

Sound familiar, it does with me, I opted for the option of working longer and harder to provide additional funds to make ends me and after all I am the main bread winner, it is my responsibility, isn’t it?

Was I right or was I wrong, my own experience tells me, I got it so terribly wrong on so many counts. it was the easy option, all I had to do was work longer hours and see less of my own family and wife! But that is ok, because that is what a good husband should do to support his family!

Well let me tell you it did not matter how much I worked as an employed person, I never earn enough money to cover all the bills and expenses required to make up for the valuable time I lost with my own family, i.e. ready bedtime stories, watching my children grow and develop, spend quality time with my wife, these are just a few of a very long list I could write down.

Don’t get me wrong, I did what I could in difficult times, but I missed valuable time that I can never get again and because I was not always there, I do not even have certain memories to reflect on!

I have a very good relationship with both my sons and partners, but it could have been so much better, had I been there when they needed me most and had problems at school or any emotional problems whilst growing up, I missed them purely because I was not there to talk to and that was because I was working long hours.

But I have tried to make amends through there teens and into there adult life and will never let my focus be preoccupied by work or business, relationships are so important, enjoy them while you can, because you do not know how long you will these relationships for.

The reason why this has come about is because I have another chance to become a second parent again via being a grandpa, and I aim to enjoy every single moment I can with my grandchild.

I will not make the same mistakes twice!

Now why is bringing up a child, is like running a business?

Well you have every good intention when you set out on your venture of a new business and want to be a success and have a enviable business for others to see!

Then we lose our way and get distracted purely because of business needs and requirements when you run a business, i.e. marketing, advertising, networking, online and offline, web sites, back links, generally getting yourself known to the world that you a have a business and you offer either products, services or both? Then you have the running costs, i.e. account, solicitor, banking, insurances, premises, equipment, transport, etc. etc. etc.

Which is really understandable, because it can become a nightmare, then you have to develop your product or service and market on a regular basis, because it just does not sell itself, until the world knows about it and also have a need for your product or service!

The first question I ask my clients,  is of the above obstacles, how many are you an expert on?

Then why are you spending time and money that you can ill afford to lose by doing these tasks yourself?

If you had appointments / clients waiting to see you because you use your time more effectively, which is more profitable?

Then by be a juggler trying to juggle all the balls a once, how many do you realistically think you can manage to juggle?

Why become a jack of all trades and a master of none?

You need to become unique and have a USP (Unique Selling Point) why should I choose you above your competitors?

Plus whilst you are juggling all these balls, you are working longer, harder and are away from your family and friends. You know what they say all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

But more importantly you lose the most important things around you your family and friends, remember you only have a certain period on this planet, so make the most of your time and enjoy it or whats the point!

Do not lose what is most important to you, get yourself a coach who will help you, guide you, challenge you, to success in business and family life, get your priorities right now and avoid disappointment  in the future. You can have both and that is your right to have a life full of achievement, but you need to focus on what is important to you in life and go and get.

Remember you still have time, so get it sorted now!






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