Can’t Buy Experience, Confidence or Motivation!

You can’t buy experience, but you can share your experiences for the benefit of others!

We all learn and put into practice our learns on a daily basis, but how often do we share with others the knowledge we have gained. Just think of the immense impact sharing our knowledge and passing on to others would generate and enhance peoples awareness in the world today.

How often do we acknowledge what we have achieved on a daily basis, also what have we done for the first time today?

When you get the know how, it provides you with more confidence to do things you have not done previously, plus you get to develop your own skills at the same time. With confidence comes a renewed belief in yourself and your abilities, which again you can’t buy and you can only achieve via experience. Another benefit of renewed confidence is that you become motivated to want to achieve even more in life!

So remember how your own knowledge can be of value to others around you and how others can also benefit you from their knowledge.

How often have you learnt the hard way and although at times this has been difficult to deal with? Afterwards the learns can be invaluable to you and change the way you do things in life for ever.

What better reason for sharing our knowledge and experiences with friends, family and work colleagues, than knowing how it improves and helps with future development, confidence and motivation as well.

Happy sharing and rejoice in the adding value to your world around you!


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