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Just remember our lives are entwined to such an extent, that we lose sight of the differences between life in general, our work and finally our relationships.

Once you get all three tangled, if you do not stop and take time out to deal with the situation by undoing the knots and tangles, then you run the risk of certain areas of your life faltering to such an extent, that you risk losing that part or potentially all three!

Let me explain what I mean, if you ignore any warnings or signs that things are not as they should be i.e. whether in health, work or communication then you will suffer for that negligence. You will become unhappy, maybe disillusioned  you may even suffer from poor health, or if it is totally ignored  you could end up a lonely person with nothing to look forward to in life, you have no business or job and you will have lost valuable relationships along the way.

Why is it that we all take life for granted, very little thought goes into what am I going to do whilst I am on this planet? In the relatively short time that I am hear.

The largest amount of time and effort is spent planning or booking our holidays!  Which I find strange because we seldom invest time in ourselves!

What about business and work, again we plough lots of time and effort into our work, often thinking that I have to, it is the way to get on and achieve success in life? Is it, already the first steps along the road of life are being hindered and time for enjoyment has greatly been reduced. What next? How long will it be before this has a knock on effect with your relationships!

i.e. Time is now short because work is taking up the majority of the time you have, suddenly you find you do not have time for your family and friends. Then what?  Then relationships break down, and blame starts to be thrown around, and you will justify that you did it for the family and without success there is nothing!

Well, now you are likely to lose the everything, the love, respect from partners and family members, even your friends with drift away! What else could possibly happen?  Your on downward spiral, which unless you wake up and realise what is important to you in your life, you will find very little development from a positive angle.

Well that is enough of the doom and gloom from me, life is meant to be enjoyed to the full, have fun always look to develop yourself and those around, remain aware of your friends and family, stand back at regular intervals, take stock of where you are and where you want to be, also consider for every action there is an impact or a consequence of that action. So consider who else it involves and you will not go far wrong in life.

This advice will also ring true in the work place understand your fellow man and always think of there point of view, just maybe there view might be better than yours? Communication is a key ingredient in life, without excellent communication skills then it becomes harder to build rapport with people around you. And without rapport it is difficult to gain trust, respect and loyalty from your fellow colleagues. After all we are all human and if you prick us we all bleed!

Because  whilst you were busy sorting out your life and work and making sure you have the correct balance between them, you will have put the most important thing in your life first for a change and that is your relationship with your partner and family. And you did it as part of a rational approach in deciding what are the most import parts of your life to develop, which not only help to develop you as a person, they also help to develop those around you.

This article is aimed at allowing people to understand the impacts and consequences of their actions, and by considering those actions, you are also raising your own awareness which allows you to communicate effectively, which has so many knock on effects from a development point of view.

But the key is that you will truly understand the value of a work / life balance, with the added benefits of happy relationships.


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