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Expectations  – What will you get from me?

Working with you as your business coach, I will at all times during our sessions be providing active listening, which is a combination of intense listening and observations of an individuals physiology, because there are lots messages your body gives away without you knowing it.

I will also be asking quite challenging questions, ones you would probably not ask yourself. The reason for this is to get you to change the way in witch you think, because only then can we start to change the way you think.

Once you are able to raise you level of thinking, can you start to see new horizons and additional options that you have not thought of before?

It is widely recognised that the way we think can influence enormously the way that we feel. Learning to think in a different way (something that I will help you with) can enable you to feel and act differently, therefore changing the outcomes of your actions.

For me, professional business and corporate coaching is still about remaining focused on the individual in question, I aim to address all relevant work-related issues as well as seeking to understand the individual’s personality, life and work experiences.

The above list is by no means exhaustive; so if there is something that is troubling you or that you think you may need help with then please feel free to call me.

Contact details: –

Martin Biginelli

Office number 01446 40148

Mobile 07779859712


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