Success Coach Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials that I have received based upon my services and abilities as a life coach and professional business coach:

“Martin is a truly brilliant coach. He is easy to talk to, and has a way of getting even the most closed personalities to open up to him. One thing that stands out in my mind is piece of work I engaged Martin with in one of my major branches. After spending quality time both with the team and individuals, Martin agreed a plan which involved coaching, training and observation, involving the whole management team.

Over a 5 week period of time this led to a big jump in Customer Experience and productivity raising by 50% over the period. Simply brilliant!” Steve Childs – Barclays Bank PLC


“I just wanted to wish you every success in your new venture- I really enjoyed working with you and I am not surprised that you have taken that leap. Your focus and natural rapport as well as your inherent sensitivity made for a great combination in any coach. I am sure that both you and your clients will find your efforts rewarding in every way.” Gerry Talbot – Cambridge


“Back in 2005 my company – Advanced Behavioural Capabilities Limited was asked to work with British gas and their National Sales Team in Cardiff. The project was to design and deliver a coaching benchmarking system that could be used to develop coaches to meet consistent standards across the UK call centres.

To help with the implementation of the system we worked with a small cohort of internal staff whom we trained and developed to become Master coaches. Their role was not only to coach and develop customer service assistants but also to develop team coaches.

Martin Bignielli was one of the original coaches that we worked with and he was a very people focused and dedicated individual who cared passionately about what he did. We have remained in-touch over the years and Martin has successfully put his skills into effect in a number of different environments.” Zena Knight – www.abc-training.com

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