Diagnose What is Stopping You ?

What is a diagnosis ?

It is a process to identify what is stopping someone from achieving something that they want to do, but are struggling to do so.

If you follow the process listed below, you can start to work out what obsticales / barriers are getting in the way of someone achieving their goals etc.

Hou to Carry out your Diagnosis

 1.       Gain a general sense of the issues

 Asking open questions and actively listening in order to get the coachee to open up about the current situation.

 Example questions –

  •  What is it you’re trying to achieve?
  • What is your goal?
  • What is the ultimate intention of achieving that goal?
  • How long have you had this goal?
  • How important is this goal to you?
  • What have you tried previously?
  • What was the result of this?
  • Tell me about a time when you achieved something that you thought you couldn’t.
  • What did you do that made you successful in this?

 2          Home in on particular incidents

Link and build your questions based on the responses given in order to get more information and find the root cause

 Example questions :-

  • Tell me more about…….
  • Give me an example of that.
  • What happened when……?
  • What was the outcome?
  • Tell me about times when you have been successful in this area, what was happening?
  • What do you see as being the implications of…..?

 3          Identify what’s stopping a better performance

Example questions :-

  • What stops you from…..?
  • What would need to happen for you to be able to……?
  • When you tried that in the past, what was missing?
  • What else would you need in order to succeed?
  • Pose the Suppose – Ifx was not an issue, would there be anything else stopping you?

Choose the right type of question to help the coachee to identify what barriers they are facing and what is stopping them from getting what they want

 4          Work out and agree if/how coaching can help them

  • I will get you to agree some action plans, are you happy to carry these out?

Check for their commitment to coaching and explain the guidelines of how the coaching relationship will work.

 Once you have done your diagnosis, if you determine it’s –


 Discuss how they can obtain this knowledge


This means the coachee is not really cut out for the role

You can’t put in what god left out!!

 Attitude or Skills

 This is where you coach, you can now go on to use the GROW model and this will help you get the best results from your coaching session.

 From what you have learned today and from past experience, write down:

 1.    Your main strength’s when doing your diagnosis?

2.    The one area you still need to develop?

3. How you will address this development area?









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