2 Be Or Not 2 Be Coached?

That is the question?

When do you need a business or life coach?

The answer is when you feel you want to develop yourself or your business further than you currently are at present. Its not rocket science, you need coaching when you are not able to achieve or progress in the direction you want to go and seem to struggle or find you have obstacles that stand in your way!

The coach is not a person who has all the answers, yet they may think they know what you require. Though a good coach will get you to come to your own conclusions via a series of questions carefully designed to make you think about what it is you really want in your business or in your own life.

Coaching can be viewed a bit like map reading and route finding combined together, first of all you need to know where you are aiming for and why you are heading in that direction at this point in your business or life. Once you have established your destination you can retrace your route back to the present time via a series of mini goals or objectives. Now you will have a clear direction of your future route and what stages you will met and have to achieve along the way.

It is so important to know what it is you really want and to know why you want it so much, because without a clear focus and understanding you are very unlikely to achieve anything at all. Or you will get to your destination and find it is not what you thought it would be, which will only lead you to frustration and disappointment.

Although I am a business and life coach, I believe everyone needs a coach including me, the reason why, is that we do not ask ourselves the right questions which are challenging enough to provoke the correct responses needed to know what and why something is important enough to set realistic goals and objectives.

Until you experience being coached it is difficult to know what the true benefits are, most people because of the lack of experience in this field, feel it is an expense they can do without. Well a good coach will provide you with many benefits which far exceed any material costs.

How do you put a price on the amount quality and happiness you have in your business or life?

This is my soap box bit now!

When you want to look good, what do you do? You pamper yourself by investing time and money, on having your hair done, new outfit, etc. etc.

When you want your home to look good, what do you do? You invest in new paint, paper, kitchen, bathroom, flooring or perhaps new windows, etc. etc.

When you to work in a particular field, what do you do?  You invest time and money to get the right qualifications and skills to pursue your chosen career!

When you want a relaxing break, what do you do? You invest time and money looking for a place in the sun with all the trimmings, etc. etc.

So why is it, that we do not invest time and money setting out clear goals that you want and would bring you so much happiness and joy?

Soap box over!

I hope the above goes someway to explaining and answering the question 2 Be Or Not 2 Be Coached?



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