Coaching Culture, Are you ready?

Firstly I would like to talk briefly about coaching and the attitude a lot of people have formulated towards the term.

C0aching is not something new, it has been around for a long time and mainly associated with sports, so why do people think it is normal to have and pay for a sports coach? Because they want to achieve success, they want to be the best at what they do. And it has long been established that behind every successful sports person, there is a very successful coach!

Check by talking to someone who has used a professional coach for life, business, relationship, career or performance coaching needs. They will confirm that it is not myth, it works it enables and empowers them as an individual to work out for themselves, what needs to happen next.

Coaching puts structure into what you want to achieve, it also enables you to remove obstacles or barriers that have been getting in your way. You will discover things about yourself that you did not know, coaches do not have all the answers, but they able to coach you to find the answers for yourself.

A good coach will be able to understand you as a person, how you process things and how to show you ways to maximise the processes that you use to your advantage when dealing with others. They will know your VAK’s (modalities), Metaprogams (filters), and will look at a basic ladder of happiness / Wheel of Life – Employment, Money, Personal Development, Relationships, Health, Social Life and Freedom.

Coaching in simple terms allows you to know yourself and enable you to control what you want out of life. Knowing what you want and being able to achieve your desire and dreams, is so powerful and motivational, you want know yourself.

So why is it that generally we shun coaching in other areas of our lives?

Why do many people avoid success in there daily lives and struggle on hoping things will improve for the better? And again why do people plod on every day in work, watching the clock waiting for home time to come around, what impact is that having on you and your health.

Why is it? we are prepared to pay lots of money on commodities and consumer goods and expect quality. We will also beg still or borrow to make sure our children achieve or able to have the best start in life. Yet when it comes down to the individual, we don’t have the same desire or passion to do it for ourselves.

You carry on doing the same things day in day out and week in week out!

The main reason why people don’t consider coaching as a viable source is that firstly they are not sure what or how it can actually help them and secondly in their eyes it costs quite a lot.

Well I hope I have answered the first point or at least enough for you to give me a call and check it out for yourself.

The second point, what price do you put on happiness and fulfilment?

Would you buy a house or do anything legal without a solicitor, you might if you could avoid paying fees and also to save money. What happens thought, if something goes wrong, how much extra is it going to cost you.

Another couple of examples, of where people have wanted to avoid paying the fees for professional services .i.e. Accountants, where would you be if you avoided an accountant and then had to deal with the inland revenue because your accounts are incorrect or wrong?

Professional Financial Advise, Again without professional financial advice, would you have enough life cover for you and your family, or maybe not enough monies to live on when you retire or not enough to retire when you wanted to.

What you are paying for is the expertise the training that they all have had to undergo to provide you with knowledge, skills and knowhow as well as the best information possible available.

But without professional help and support in life, we would experience all kinds of potential problems costing far more that the original fees.

Take control of your life, seek the changes you want, because they won’t automatically come to you, you have to be proactive and go and get them yourself.

Pretty basic language I know, but it is true you get what you are prepared to focus on in life as well what you are prepared to pay. So let tomorrow be the first day of the rest of your new life, you can make changes, you can achieve what you want.

Turn those dreams and desires into reality, take the first step get yourself a coach, if you have been following my blogs for a while, you will know how passionate I am about coaching and what it do for you.


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