Happiness – In Life & Business

You might be wondering what does this have to do with life, work or if you run your own business, business. Well without enjoyment, fun, laughter, feel good factor, etc. you will become an unhappy bunny very quickly. Which can lead to a downward spiral and make every day seem to be a chore or a daily slog to even attend?

It does not matter whether you are an individual, family person, employed or are self employed and run your own business. The message is still the same, you need happiness in your life to make you feel good and be positive in everything you do!

And the more responsibility you have the more important it is for you to have happiness in your life and work, take Executives, Directors etc. etc. you will burn out and get stressed out which if avoided or ignored with lead to health problems.

Happiness is very therapeutic and enables you and your body to heal and feel good.

So I thought I would start by introducing a song I love, which is simple in concept and design and musically made you feel good from within and had you either humming or singing along to, lyrically it is about just being happy and how happiness makes the world go around!

Happiness song by Ken Dodd!

Happiness by Ken Dodd

What does it mean to you?

What does it mean to those around you?

How do you generate and provide happiness for those around you and how do those around you generate happiness for you?

Lets explore what is happiness and what impacts does it have on our lives? Would you agree that happiness is something that brings pleasure or humour into your life.  Whether it is a joke or a situation that makes you laugh or bring a smile to your face, happiness is a very pleasurable experience. And one that we all want to experience every day, if possible every hour of everyday. Allows you to experience pleasure from various angles, which allow you to relax, enjoy and remove any stress within your life at that moment in time!

Sometimes happiness comes from our various senses, i.e. visual, auditory (hearing) or Kinaesthetic (emotions / feelings) or a combination of any of them. So visual could be just seeing something you love and like that makes you happy, a child, a loved one, a sea view, a country view, a painting etc. etc. and the same with all of your senses. So we experience lots of situations that generate stimulation to the brain and hence which in tern enable our senses to be activated and enable you  to experience pleasure from so many sources.

Happiness is also effected by our values and beliefs and are then translated into various forms within your daily lives, that enable us to develop a personality which helps us to develop as a person and interact with those around us.

So the better we are at understanding those around us enable you to adjust and handle differences between every person we interact with. Thus enabling us to adapt and adjust to those around us and make allowances for there reduced understanding, making you a better individual because you have understanding and are able to strive to achieve happiness in what every you want in life.

Happiness is the greatest gift you possess and if you can pass it on to those around you make you a better person for the experience and you have the added benefit of transferring happiness to those around you.

Enjoy the experience of being happy and passing it on to those around you.

Happiness is the “Greatest Gift” you can give someone, whether in your daily life, work place or in your business world. Happiness helps make the world a better place to be in for everyone!


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