Life is Good Due to, Five Bum’s on a Bed?

Hello Everyone,

I am going to use my own life experiences to cover the questions you should all be asking yourselves, when it comes to having a good life?

There is an old statement I heard many years ago, when I first came across coaching, which was “Five Bum’s on a Bed, what are they?

Who, Where, What, When, Why & How = Five Bum’s on a Bed,  Visual way to remember is  ( the W’s are Bum’s & the H is the shape of a four poster beed)



So let me tell you What I have been up to, Where I have been, with Who I have been with, When I did or am going to do something, Why I was doing it & How either  I did it or am going to do it.

Yes I am back, where have I been, well to be honest I have been really busy what with running a business also working part time & finally just living life as they say.

So many opportunities have arisen during 2013, that just required my attention & commitment, which is proving to be a very good year for me & my future business plans etc.etc.

I was overjoyed at becoming a Grandfather for the second time in June to a little boy, so I currently have two grandchildren a girl & a boy, but shortly within the next 10 days all being well will become a grandfather for the third time as my eldest son & his wife are expecting their first child.

Plus within my family network we have also had three new additions to other members of family during the last three mont. So as you can imagine I am over the moon.

Work wise I have been working & developing my skills further within the care & support industry, as I live in, on a  two weeks on & a two weeks off basis, which is when I run my own coaching & training business. Plus I write material etc for various other blogs, which does take up a lot of my time.

I am very fortunate to have teamed up with another company called EyePat who have designed & deliver training programs base on bullying, which is called “Happy Kids Don’t Bully.”     I was so impressed with the work they are doing with schools, social services & foster parents, that offered to become a trainer and promoter for them as well.

Going forward I will be looking to develop EyePat to expand into the corporate world, using some of my own experience & knowledge gained over the last 30+ years as a coach & trainer within the corporate world.

And if that is not enough work to be doing, I am considering developing my skills into the health market & combining a program of providing coaching, training  & healthy lifestyle. As this would enable me to provide coaching from every angle including Life,Health,Relationships, Business,& bullying issues, a One Stop Shop that will be of benefit to everyone.

So as you can see my life is full of fun & work is on the up & up, but I love what I do & how it enables others to grow & prosper from my support.

Oh yes & one more thing I nearly forgot to tell you about is I will be relaunching Pure Collaboration, which is a business club like no other in the market place, because it is for Abled & Disabled to work together for the benefit of the community. So watch this space for more details.

Remember life can just roll along & you take what it throws at you or you can use the five bum’s on a bed systems to help you set & target yourself achievable goals / objectives that you want to have in life. By using open questions starting with Who, Where, When, What, Why & How, will enable you to think of a response which is longer and more meaningful that a “Yes” or “No” answer.

And by have more information to hand, you are able to use it to help you set clear objectives in life that will enhance your life forever.

If you would like further information or take advantage of any services I have on offer, contact me @CoachingFourSuccess or at

Best wishes

Martin Biginelli

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