Mentoring & Coaching New Businesses

Some of you will be aware that I am Mentor for the Prince’s Trust and I help new business start up’s, which involve youngsters between 18 and 31 years of age! It is one of the most enjoyable jobs I have ever undertaken in my life, I work with true talented individuals who have so much to give to society.

I currently work with very a diverse mix of new businesses, ranging from :-

Climbing Station – Indoor Boulder Centre

360 Degrees Design – Web Design & Printing

Waxed Out – Mobile Car Valeting

UK Internet Marketing Consultant – SEO, Web Design, Email Marketing & Sales

It’sameedoll – Life like collector dolls

They are all based here in South Wales, but watch this space, because they all have unique businesses and will achieve true success.

I get to provide mentoring skills which enable them to explore their existing and future plans, also it allows them to identify areas to develop. I also challenge them to review who their target market is and how to get in front of your correct customer types.

Mentoring also enables them to keep up to date with business requirements, such as Inland Revenue, Nat Ins, Market Research, Advertising, Sales Techniques, Legal and Bookkeeping (Accountancy) requirements.

I also have the benefit of being a life, business & relationship coach, which helps me to provide additional facilities to aid these new businesses to grow and blossom.

The feedback and thanks I receive from these only to willing clients is out of this world, so if you want to give something back to society yourself and get that feel good factor, then register yourself as a volunteer with the Prince’s Trust and help others in need, you support will be so welcome, trust me!

Plus apart from the benefits that I have already stated, I build trust and respect with these new businesses and they promote my services to those they trust, which I could not get a better testimonial of my skills and knowledge!

So contact now your local Prince’s Trust and register your support and enjoy help others to succeed and again you will also learn so much from the experience.


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